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WP 1. Analysis of current curricula and competences in Embedded Systems

Analysis of competences of employers in ES

Analysis of competences of students required at the Labor Market in ES

Analysis of existing curriculum / object training of students in embedded systems

WP 2. Curricula modification and courses development

Development of video tutorials (video course)

Preparing and handling a series of webinars

Installing and learning opportunities of software

Training requirements for the electronic structure of the course in LMS Moodle (Requirements for structure of e-course)

Development e-courses (e-learning system of BGKU)

Webinars on the use of LMS Moodle

WP 3. Implementing a (virtual) learning environment in ESD engineering

Create a wiki portal and its content (project page)

Setting up a platform for system implementation and management training (E-Learning Platform)

Preparation and conduct webinars (Videos of webinars)

Create online laboratory for ESD (highlights, Regulations on lab, Order on the use of ESL)

Glossary of Terms

WP 4. Retrain academic teachers on ESD engineering and virtual learning platforms

Cooperation with IT companies, IT businesses, professional schools

A nationwide experiment on introduction of robotics (Order of MES of Ukraine)

Teacher of computer science training with the introduction of additional training modules (project website)

Participation in Summer Courses in Nitra (Slovakia)

Participation in training in Yerevan (Armenia)

WP 5. Pilot training

Functioning of the students circle “3D printing – from theory to practice” (Topics of sessions and photo report)

Holding on lessons with students on modified work programs of disciplines (specialty “Primary education”)

Conducting research work of students

Training school leaders (STEM education, robotics)

Electronic courses on embedded systems

WP 6. Quality Assurance and Quality Control

Adaptation of the European qualifications framework

Development of criteria for evaluating the results of the project

Development of methods of educational process

Development of additional controlling module for e-learning system «Electronic dean» (article), (guide)

Tools for evaluation of e-course (regulations of e-course), (tutorial)

Preparing requirements for the electronic structure of the course (regulations of e-course), (tutorial)

Development of video tutorials for learning to work with Moodle (Video course)

WP 7. Dissemination and Enterprise Collaboration

Project website

Order № 41 from 10.02.2014 «On research and development activities on the project Tempus Project «Development of embedded system courses with implementation of innovative virtual approaches for integration of research, education and production in Ukraine, Georgia, Armenia»»

Wiki page or Project

DesIRE in social network Facebook

Webpage of Project TEMPUS DesIRE in social network Facebook

Presentation of the project for heads of departments at the universityReport

Workshop “Presentation of project Tempus DESIRE for educational institutions in the region”Report

Presentation of the project on the 1st national conference on IT in 2014Report

Workshop «PTC CREO: design – from theory to practice»

Extended meeting of the chair and report on training teachers in Ilmenau, analysis disciplines and the introduction of embedded systems in the educational process of the University

Workshop «Presentation of DESIRE. Design of three-dimensional model in CAD environment Creo Parametric 2.0»

Robotics and 3D-modeling improve the the quality of specialists technical and engineering professions

Robotics and modeling at the Borys Grinchenko Kyiv University

Thinking in new ways will help 3D-modeling

Robotics and 3D modeling at the Borys Grinchenko Kyiv University

Robotics, modeling at the Borys Grinchenko Kyiv University

Workshop «STEAM and Internet of Things»

Workshop «Development and implementation of embedded systems courses at the BGKU»

Workshop «Robotics»

WP 8. Management of the project

Approval of the project team (order № 603 from 31.12.2014)

Writing and approval of the project plan

Ukrainian meeting of project partners

Project Monitoring Mission

Report for 6 months

Annual report

Report 24 months

Partner inputs to the final report (36 months)

Report on pilot teaching

Questionnaire «Evaluation of the achieved results»

Final report, video