About Project

Development of Embedded System Courses with implementation of Innovative Virtual approaches for integration of Research, Education and Production in Ukraine, Georgia, Armenia

Short Project Name: «DesIRE»

Multinational joint project. Priority – Curriculum reform

Project duration: three years (Dec., 2013 – Dec., 2016)

Stakeholders: students, alumni, teachers and university administration, managers in the region, In-Service Training, consulting centers.

Grant Holder: Thomas More University College, (BE)


Project Specific Objectives:

  • To create practice-oriented curricular and modules in Embedded Systems;
  • To create remote laboratories in Embedded System in UA, GE, AM;
  • To form the competences necessary for the Labor Market in Embedded Systems.

Project activities:

  • Analysis of current curricula and competences in Embedded Systems
  • Analysis of competences required at the Labor Market in UA, GE, AM in Embedded Systems
  • Methodology development of curricula construction with the usage of the Remote Laboratory
  • Modules and courses development/modification of Hardware and Software, CAD/CAM/CAE for ESD
  • Courses development/modification in «New teaching approaches»
  • Teaching material Development
  • Construction of virtual and remote laboratories in Embedded Systems
  • Retraining in «New teaching approaches in Eng.», «RL for ESD», «ESD Engineering»
  • Master Classes in «RL and Embedded Systems Labs usage»
  • Teaching the teachers and researchers
  • Educate the pilot student groups
  • Monitoring/Evaluation of processes and products
  • Assessment at the regional and national level
  • Seminars in target HEIs for industry workers

Expected results:

  1. New courses in Embedded Systems.
  2. New remote and virtual laboratories in Embedded Systems.
  3. New approaches of teaching learning material in Embedded Systems.
  4. To speed up integration between Higher Educational Institutes and business in target countries.

Webpage of project: http://tempus-desire.thomasmore.be